The OE Guide to Monogramming


A quick tour of our houses or peak inside our handbags and you will see we are pretty much obsessed with three little letters – our initials and those of our children. We are huge fans of monogramming, proudly stamping our first, middle and last on everything from table napkins to backpacks.

Monogramming adds a personal touch to otherwise basic items and makes for the most perfect present. Once the preserve of Wall Street Bankers and Sorority girls, monogramming is now super on trend, with the likes of Burberry and Goyard offering personalisation on their classic styles. And with celebrities such Olivia Palermo sporting monogrammed looks, its no wonder this old money, preppy look is often emulated.  So just how do you monogram like a socialite without looking too try hard. Here’s the Our Edit take on it.


What to monogram?

Personal Accessories


A carfully embossed initial on your travel wallet, diary or handbag shows you pay attention to detail and want your items to feel personal and not mass market. We simply adore our pieces from Aurora London and Gigi New York for this reason. Sleek, understated initials are best on these items, marking them as yours in a subtle and personal way.



Thank you notes and At Home cards are an essential in our homes, as nothing beats a handwritten letter or invitation. We find that simple named note cards are appropriate in almost every situation and that lends some personal , ‘from our home to yours’ charm to all correspondence. Go contemporary with the likes of Papier or super classic with Smythson.


Table and home wear


Adding your initials to table ware and guest towels is a great way to brand your home. No one forgets a party where the napkins and linen were personalised with their hosts initials on. You can have lots of fun here and play around with your monogram and where to put it, after all this is about your personal brand. The Monogrammed Linen shop is a great place to start to achieve this look. These items also make wonderful wedding presents. What bride wouldn’t love to receive her new initials on some beautiful placemats?


Children’s Kit


Monogramming your children’s items is a great way to ensure their bags and towels don’t go walk about after at sleepover or at school and nursery, and it is so much nicer than a nametape inside the hem.  For kiddie items opt for bold print or even just their first names or initials. Our homes are peppered with book bags and toy sacks stamped with the names of our little people. We love My First Years for beautifully personal baby gifts and kid’s accessories.

Fine Jewellery


As a mummy there is nothing more special than to wear the initials of your little darlings in a treasured piece of jewellery. We both proudly sport initial pendants for each of our children and we know these make the perfect new baby or mummy to be gifts. The love disk bracelets from Astley Clarke can be beautifully monogrammed with your child’s initials or why not try a Chloe Alphabet Ring for something a little more bling.

Holiday monogramming


Of course monogramming lends its self perfectly to holiday or occasion pieces. Items you don’t use everyday but want to make a splash with your initials when you do. We have a raft of Monogrammed totes for beach and sailing trips. Check out Rae Feather for a classic initialled beach bag or LL Bean for a sturdy boat tote. Add a fabulous initial Bikini from Ten Studio to your suitcase and you have your bespoke holiday look nailed.

Do it yourself.

Of course you may want to go off piste and monogram something unique and special to you. One of our babies was Christened wearing monogrammed bloomers and we both have personalised Christmas stockings. If you find an item that you just have to personalise then there are a number of excellent embroiders that will add your initials in a range of styles. Check out Sew Eve, a seamstress trained at the The Royal School of Needlework, for some serious stitching inspiration.


Monogramming Points of Note

  • Pick your font carefully – scrawled script will work well on a bath robe, but a leather notepad for work calls for a bold, embossed foil.
  • Get your initials in the right order – classic American monogramming places the initial of your surname in the center, flanked by your first and middle initials. Don’t get mixed up and end up majoring on your middle name.
  • Pick your placement – Loud and proud monogramming works well smack in the middle of a beach bag or a baseball cap, you might prefer to opt for a subtle, corner option on fine linen or next year’s diary.

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