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OE Approved: The Modern Nursery


With four children between us, three wild boys and one very busy little lady, we are no strangers to kids and all the paraphernalia that comes with them. And while there is a place for a multi-coloured Vtech baby walker in every mother’s life, we do try to keep our homes and playrooms looking a little more stylish. But in a world saturated with pink and blue items, it can prove a little tricky.

So imagine our joy when we stumbled across The Modern Nursery, a site entirely dedicated to stylish, tasteful, baby centric interiors.

The Modern Nursery is the brainchild of founder Laura, who had the same struggle finding décor she could get excited about when pregnant with her little girl Alba.

Laura curates and supports a number of small businesses from around the world, many of whom are mums themselves. Everything she stocks is beautiful and feels unique and interesting while still being totally cute and baby appropriate.

From monochrome playmats and ball pits to super chic bath towels, The Modern Nursery is a must for all stylish mums. Not to mention those wanting to give the most Instagram worthy gift at a baby shower.

Here are just a few items on our wish list, check out The Modern Nursery for more. Keep up the good work Laura… We LOVE it.


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