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OE Approved: Trouva


We all know the joy of stumbling upon a fantastic independent boutique. The kind that sells the perfect cushion you’ve been looking for for ages, the stunning table lamp that will finish off a room, the scarf you’ve always wanted or the most unique Christmas cards ever.

In fact sometimes the best little shops stock the things you didn’t even know you want until you see them. You buy that special something and then feel eternally pleased by the gorgeous little item – especially when everyone keeps asking where you got it.

Well now you can have a whole lot more of those moments thanks to our new favourite website, Trouva. Imagine all the chic, niche interiors and fashion boutiques of your dreams all rolled into one and easily shoppable online.

A curated selection of stylish and unique fashion, homeware and lifestyle products from 150 of the UK’s best independent stores, Trouva put over 30,000 items at your fingertips.

From kitchenware, soft furnishings and home accents to clothing, children’s toys and skincare, they have a huge range and offer a ‘shop window’ to small stores that would otherwise never get the exposure to a market so keenly ready to receive them.

Geographically diverse in source (from Suffolk and Bristol to London and Edinburgh), Trouva has created a gateway into a discerning selection of stores that would otherwise be impossible to discover and in doing so helps support these small businesses, who all notice a marked increase in sales once they join the Trouva community.


The company’s mission statement is to  ‘breath of fresh air in this world of identikit high streets and mass produced, trend-led ‘stuff’’ and they do this by sourcing only from the most innovative and creative retailers who themselves source from all over the world.

It’s a bit like Not on the High Street, but you get the feeling the Trouva team are more selective as they want the site to remain very design focused and not too mainstream.

They manage all the orders which are then shipped worldwide directly from the retailers and all items are offered with a no quibble 14 days return policy.

So whether you are looking for the most original Christmas presents or just want to be inspired with beautiful, unusual products to add to your home or wardrobe, Trouva is one online shopping destination you simply must visit.

Here are some of our favourite finds


Marble clock, £55


Copper basket, £22.95



Bag, £200


Glass pendant lights, £120


Book, £24.99


Prints, £60 each


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