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How I Make It Work: Daisy Knights


From launching new brands, to writing her first book, jewellery designer, surfer girl and all round cool mama, Daisy Knights, tells us how she makes it work.

Tells us about what you do?


I’m creative director and designer at Daisy Knights.

Where is home and who will we find there?

I live in a barn conversion in the Cotswolds, near Buford. I have been married for 5 years. My husband is called John, he is a helicopter pilot in the RAF. We have a dog called Ace Ventura Pet Detective and a baby girl called Sylvie who is 5 months old.

What’s the best way you’ve found to balance family and a career?

I’m still learning how to balance work with baby! But I tend to get my work done when she is sleeping. My mum is amazing and looks after Sylvie a lot when I need to work too. We are going to do nursery once a week so I can have a full day work when Sylvie is 6 months old.

What items help you juggle everything?

My laptop (so I can work anywhere)

My husband, does he count as an item? He is amazing with Sylvie and looks after her a lot while I am working.

Sleepy Head- I swear this is why Sylvie started sleeping through the night at 15 weeks old!

Invisable Oil hair spray from Bumble and bumble- adds a little shine to my hair between washes and makes me feel like im way more under control than I actually am.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to face?

Starting a business and not knowing what im doing and then reflecting on bad decisions and having to live with them. Like not getting a really good accountant when I started out. I’m actually  currently writing a book about how to launch a brand straight out of Central Saint Martins, it’s a collection of mini essays of what not to do from some successful well-known people and should be informative but a good read too!

What do you most enjoy about your role at work?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Getting to be constantly creative and make things!

Is there anything you struggle with and how do you deal with it?

Sometimes I wish I had more people at work around me, I work on my own from my studio, my dog Ace comes too but sometimes I would like someone to bounce ideas off too.

How do you spend any precious me time you get?

I like to sketch and design new things and ideas. I know this counts as work, but sometimes it’s a ring I want to make for myself or an exciting new project im thinking of working on. I also love to watch cooking programs and any kind of watersports.

If your planning a family holiday where would it be?

Bali, this is my favourite place to visit and we have been there lots. I love yoga and surfing and there is no place better to do both! I think we are going to take Sylvie to Sri Lanka when she is older on our first family surf trip which should be fun…although not super excited about travelling with children!

How do you switch off?

I love yoga and meditation. I also love to cook. I’m not sure when you have your own business that you are ever able to switch off though…

What exercise do you do?

I do spinning classes at Soho Farmhouse and I try to practice Yoga everyday. I also love taking the dog for a walk.

What are you wardrobe fail-safes?

I work for myself so my workwear and personal life wear are the same. I mostly wear yoga gear so I can easily fit in a quick bit of yoga between baby naps and work! I love gap for knitwear and J Brand maternity jeans, they are so comfy they feel like leggings and I just can’t bring myself to go back to non maternity jeans (is that bad when you are not pregnant anymore?!)

And accessories you couldn’t be without?

My Kerikit changing bag that I recently got at Daylsford Christmas Fair.

My pinky ring that I made for myself from my Signature collection, it has a little S for Sylvie on it.

My sketch book and a pencil.

I love Emma J Shiply scarves, the star wars ones are the most beautiful things.

Vans- I have so many pairs…yet never enough. My current favourites are hi-top leopard print ones I got on sale for 18 euros in Hossegor, France.

Favourite scent?

I’m addicted to anything from the Coconut range from The Body Shop. I’m not big on super expensive perfumes, I love to smell like the summer and I love the ethos behind The Body Shop.

Your hosting a dinner party – what’s on the menu?

My go to dinner party menu has to be Jasons Nacvhos from Honestly Healthy. I’m a veggie but my husband isn’t, so he would do his signature beef chilli and then everyone would share the veggie beans, it really is so delicious and everyone is always really impressed! Then frozen bananas whizzed up with maple syrup and a sprinkling of flaked almonds for pudding.

If you’re going out where is your favourite spot?

We live pretty close to Soho Farmhouse so find myself there rather a lot. I would much rather stay in and have friends over than go out to eat. But for working lunches I love Leon and The Ivy in Chelsea.

Is there a woman you really admire?

Michelle Obama- she is so cool and also so real. She manages to balance the important things in life while also looking fab and being interested in fashion.

What’s the next big thing in your life?

Well, I’m launching a whole new brand under Daisy Knights which is really exciting….can’t tell you anymore I’m afraid, but watch this space! No more babies for now…but my husband really wants another dog…

To see Daisy’s fabulous collection in full visit her site or visit her Christmas Pop Up Shops.







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