The Golden Rules of Fashion Friendship


There is more to life than fashion… it is called friendship, or in our case sisterhood. A thought that we live by here at Our Edit. Growing up as sisters we have spent years sharing a love of clothes and swapping out fits, and over the years we have developed our own girls’ code – the rules of fashion friendship.

As journalists, stylists and women our image is very important to us. We rarely go out without thinking about how we look and we are the first ones to start planning an outfit when invited to an event. Yet no designer handbag or silk blouse could replace the love we have for each other or our most treasured girlfriends.  Over the years we have noticed that the genuinely cool women, are also the most open and gracious, and often share our views on friends before fashion.  

Twinning really is winning.

If you turn up at a party/wedding/work event wearing the same thing as your friend there is only one thing to do. Laugh!! So what, you both have great taste and clearly are made to be mates! What a massive compliment to you and your sense of style. Giggle-then swap notes on accessorizing your favourite piece!

When it comes to fashion advice, timing is everything.

When giving advice on your best friend’s outfit, really think about where you are and when. If you are involved in the shopping or dressing process then be honest and candid, she will thank you for it and has time to put it right! However, if your friend appears at the bar, 10 minutes before a hot date looking less than catwalk ready, smile and compliment and make a mental note to hit the shops with her soon. There is nothing to be gained by denting her confidence at this stage by pointing out the flaws. (Unless of course you are the same size and willing to do a quick switch.)

Best mates match.

Know a gal for long enough and your wardrobes will start to look a little twinny, especially if you regularly shop together. On a shopping trip to the states with one of our best friends we were not at all surprised that we both turned up at the airport in matching jackets and happily spent our dollars on identical shoes and bags. If you both have great taste, you are both likely to be reaching for the same statement piece, or sample sale bargain. Don’t get all huffy on this one. Simply tell your friend if you are buying something for a special event, and then see Rule Number 1. for matching moments.  The only thing better than enjoying a new shoe purchase is having someone else to share the joy/guilt!

Take advice in the spirit that it is given. 

We all know what it is like to feel like you have found the perfect dress or dreamy coat, only to be met with a disapproving look on the face of your best friend when you step out of the changing room. It can be hard to take but if she is your friend and champion, and you trust her opinion then she is telling you honestly that you could do better in the style stakes. Don’t beat her up for her honestly, instead step away from the purchase and go on the hunt for something that does win approval. And of course, if you really don’t want her opinion, don’t ask!!

My wardrobe is your wardrobe…..but please ask first.

And finally…the golden rules of clothes swapping. If you are borrowing, always ask and if you mate lends you her fave LBD…return it in one piece with a bottle of bubbles! But should the worst happen and the borrowed beauty goes astray, suffers a spill or is eaten by the dog, remind your friend it is a great excuse for a fun shopping trip. Trust us ladies there are worse things in life. Whistles sells dresses, it doesn’t sell best friends.

Thinking of your best fashion friend? Time to put a date in the diary to go shopping or swap style notes. Enjoy!!!!

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