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How I Make it Work: Janey Holliday


This week we chat to health and fitness expert Janey Holliday, founder of Fit For a Princess and Making Things Easy,  about how she makes it work as a successful entrepeur and single mum of three.

Tells us about what you do

I run two businesses, Fit for a Princess which I set up in 2003 that provides outdoor bootcamps for women on Wandsworth Common, and Making Things Easy, which provides online bootcamps and lifestyle programs for busy women. I set that up in 2011 and run it from home.

I have a team of fantastic trainers that deliver the fitness sessions in Wandsworth (I teach classes myself every other weekend) and I work from home creating, recording and delivering my online programs to women who take part in them all over the world.

Where is home and who will we find there?janey-head-shoulders-bw

I am a single mum to my eight year-old identical twins, Monty and Harry and my 6 month-old daughter Tabitha. We live in converted stables in a little hamlet between Maidstone and Sittingbourne in Kent. We are surrounded by horses and sheep, with views up a beautiful valley. It’s lovely, although I do miss Wandsworth where I was based for 15 years before moving back to Kent (where I’m from) in 2012.

Our weekends are spent mooching around Whistable, crabbing at Broadstairs,
visiting Leeds Castle or hitting Blue Water.

What’s the best way you’ve found to balance family and a career?

Being a single mum I’m constantly challenged with how to make things work best for me, my businesses and the kids. I literally review things monthly to see what I need to adjust or change.

I make sure my days are well organised. My kids go to breakfast club and then I have some help in the mornings so I can work when my energy is best. I’m finished by 2pm, spend some lovely time with the baby and then pick up the boys at 3.30pm. The evenings are ridiculously crazy as I do it all by myself, so I’m juggling weaning, spelling tests, cooking tea, reading and getting the baby to bed by 7 so I can have an hour with the twins by myself. Once they go to bed I work for a bit and think of nothing else and then it’s my time. It’s full on but I love it.

What three items help you juggle everything?

My thoughts: Seriously without good thought management, I don’t think I’d cope. As someone who teaches mindset to hundreds of women each year on my BEST program, I like to inspire by example. Honestly without knowing how to change my thoughts at any time and turn any negative or stress into a positive, I’d be a gonna!

My parents: I live next door to my parents which gives me extra support which is fantastic. They are amazing.

A ‘to don’t’ list: I know this may seem weird to some, but unlike many stressed out Mums I don’t just have a to do list, I have a to don’t list which means I take half the things off my to do list every day and put it on my to ‘don’t list’ to create better balance in my life. Only we can create permission to say ‘that’s enough for today’.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to face?

Getting divorced and becoming a single parent when my twins were 13 months old was pretty epic in terms of challenges, but when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the recession kicked in and Fit for a Princess in London nearly went under.

But because of these challenges, I retrained as a online coach and learnt how to set up an online coaching business and Making Things Easy was born.

Also in last year when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter was a very difficult time for me. It wasn’t planned and her father didn’t want to be involved. Getting my head around becoming a single parent of three children was hard at first, but I always like to see things as plot twists and so I just embraced it. My children and I are very close – we call ourselves the Four Musketeers!

What do you most enjoy about your role at work?the-dreaded-plank

Each week I get lots emails from women who tell me that I’ve transformed or in some cases saved their lives, it’s the most wonderful feeling. I honestly believe I was put on this planet to inspire people to become healthier, happier and the best versions of themselves and every day I can’t wait to get into my office to inspire women around the world. I’ve created a business that I can fit in around my children too, whilst doing something I absolutely love and that helps people. I’m extremely proud what I’ve

Is there anything you struggle with and how do you deal with it?

The biggest frustration I have is not being able to achieve as much as I want to do in my work because I’m on my own. I remember I went to a Mum-preneur lunch in 2010 and Cath Kidson spoke to us. She said she would never have achieved what she has, had she been a Mum and it really stuck with me. I remember coming out afterwards and bursting into tears. From there on I realised I had to pace myself with my work goals. I could work 12 hour days and have a full time nanny but it’s important to me to pick my kids up from school, always have breakfast and dinner with them, make all the school functions. My view is that you can always make money when your kids are older, but you never get that time back. This decision is based on my values and beliefs, other women may choose differently and that’s fine too.

How do you spend any precious me time you get?

I love to go on a long power walk in the countryside playing some good music or a motivational podcast and I love to go to my health club and have a swim, a Jacuzzi and a coffee and I try to do this twice a week. Once the kids go to bed I often indulge in a nice glass of red and some Made in Chelsea!

If your planning a family holiday where would it be?

I’m a big fan of camping so my ideal holiday would be staying on a great campsite in France or Italy with the kids and just completely stuck into outdoors life. I love all not wearing make up for 2 weeks, walking around on grass or sand in bare feet most of the time, with the cicadas sending you to sleep every night. On the other end of the scale, nothing beats an all inclusive holiday where you don’t have to lift a finger and can be looked after in complete luxury! It’s my 40th next year so I’m just looking at some options to take the kids somewhere so I indulge in a nice 5* hotel as I move into a new decade!

How do you switch off?

I’m very good at switching off from work as I’m very good at compartmentalising. In the evening I choose to check into work emails and my online bootcamp groups for about half an hour and then the laptop goes away.

What exercise do you do?

I exercise most mornings at 7.30am. I either go out for a power walk / run or I do one of the videos from my online programs. The Tummy ATTACK videos are just 25 minutes each and the conditioning and Pilates videos from the Best Body and SugarHIIT bootcamps are just 10 minutes so I pick three of those.

What are you wardrobe fail-safes?

I go for a simple, practical but feminine look. I like slim fitting jeans, ballet pumps, breton tops with denim shirts. Even if I’m having a lazy day at home I like to wear nice stylish tracksuit bottoms and comfortable lounge type tops.

I love the high street and mainly shop in H & M, Zara and M & S Limited collection. Wardrobe staples I’ve had for years include a beautiful camel trench coat I bought in New York, a full length grey coat from Autograph and a Navy swing coat I bought in Top Shop in 1999 which is still going strong!

Favourite scent?

Coco Chanel. I just love it so much.

Your hosting a dinner party – what’s on the menu?

Because I’m so busy, I’m using Mindful Chef a lot. You chose a recipe, they deliver all the organic ingredients to your door with a simple recipe card to follow and you put it together and cook it – its genius! So I’d definitely use them for a dinner party, just for ease (and because I’m not a great cook!) and go for a vegetarian starter of some sort and then a fish dish. I don’t eat any sugar so I never cook dessert, but a good cheese board is one of my favourite indulgences.

If you’re going out where is your favourite spot?

Although I live in Kent, I often stay with friends in London and my favourite places are Chez Bruce in Wandsworth for an indulgent lunch to celebrate a birthday or business deal and Rock and Rose in Richmond for cocktails and food with friends. Living near the sea now, means I’m spoilt with some great seafood places. I highly recommend Wheelers in Whistable (only open 4 days a week and it’s booked up months in advance as only seats 16 people) where you can BYO and eat some of the best lobster and seafood ever.

Is there a woman you really admire?

JK Rowling’s journey literally blows my mind. A single Mum, completely broke, on the edge of poverty, writing her Harry Potter books after the children went to bed and then becoming one of the most successful, richest authors of all time.

What’s the next big thing in your life?

I have my BEST mindset program starting in January 2017 for the 4th time so I’m looking forward to helping more women turn their lives around with that, plus a brand new 28 day fitness bootcamp will be kicking off in March which I’m busy working on behind the scenes. I’m also launching a boutique online lifestyle members club in March 2018, so most of next year I’ll be building that.

Next April I turn 40, which I’m really excited about! I’ve always thought my life would be amazing in my forties, so I’m looking forward to a fresh decade, especially as the last one has been so challenging!

I’d love to meet someone too, but because I definitely don’t want any more children, I’m not in a rush with this. My idea of heaven is a friendly, fun open house, children running around, great food and wine, good company and conversation, nice holidays and continue running a business that helps changes people’s lives and fits around my life and my family.

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