Detoxing Your Beauty Regime


With the limitless range of beauty products on the market, and the all-pervasive pressure to look your best at all times, our skin, hair and bodies can reach the point of chemical overload. For every beauty issue you may have there will be a product to smooth, remove, cover or enhance. We are beauty junkies along with the best of them, but knowing that what you use on your skin does enter your body, we have been fans of natural beauty products for a long time now.

Your first thought might be that natural products lack the vital ingredients that really work, and it is true that the beauty industry has become somewhat dependant on chemical additives to deliver results. Thankfully there are a large and growing number of ‘clean’ beauty products that are powered by natural ingredients, free from parabens, phthalates and sulphates. (At this point we must confess we are not bio-chemists and we can’t explain exactly why you don’t want those things in your face wash, but we have spoken to enough people in the know to be sure that you don’t.)

Natural beauty products are becoming much more main stream, with dedicated organic skincare boutiques such as Content offering an amazing range of highly effective options that are free of nasties, and many natural brands now being stocked on sites such as Feel Unique and at Space NK stores.

We love our natural products and have spent years trying out new brands. Here are just a few of our go-to organic and natural beauty options, and the products we love the most.

The Organic Pharmacy

Founded by pharmacist Margo Maronne, who was shocked to discover the amount of chemicals in cosmetics while studying and wanted to provide safe and effective skin care packed with potent natural ingredients. The Organic Pharmacy skin care is based on homeopathic and herbal medicine, and trust us when we tell you that their products really work. I adore their carrot butter cleanser, and booking in for their rose diamond facial is a mega treat. If you are new to organic products, popping in to one of their London stores is a great way to get started.

Elemental Herbologycell_nourish_bottle_4

Launched in 2008, Elemental Herbology products are made in england using ingredients that 100% free from synthetic fragrance, artificial colour, sulphates, paraben preservatives and mineral oils and are sustainably sourced. This brand is another OE fave. Their Cell Nourish serum is the perfect pick me up for tired winter skin and their fabulous Hand Nutrition cream was the only thing that saved our chapped ‘new born mum’ hands.

Tata Harper

The eponymous brand founded by Tata Harper sets out to shake up the beauty industry with fresh and effective products completely free of synthetic ingredients. This brand has been big in the states for a while and is now available in the UK from Content.  Tata herself is a fabulous advert for her own product, boasting the most radiant complexion. This is clearly down to her fabulous skin care products and is no doubt helped by her small make-up range. We love the lip and cheek tint for a super natural rosy glow.


Another fabulously chemical free make up brand, Ilia, proves that natural products are anything but insipid. Boating a range of bright lipsticks to rival MAC and a fabulous foundation, we love love love this brand. The Illuminator range is gorgeous and adds just the right amount of radiance when worn alone or over foundation. And as with the rest of the Ilia products you can expect nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients as well as completely beautifying formulas.

De Mamiel

The amazing De Mamiel products were born when founder Annee was going through treatment for cancer and realised she wanted natural skincare products that were not just organic but mindful and spoke of the energy she felt her skin and body needed. The result as simply the most luxuriously nourishing products that are genuinely a joy to use. We love the seasonal facial oils which are specifically tailored to help your skin tackle the challenges of the season. Such a simple concept, and so perfectly grounded in nature.

Maria Nilaheal_masque_250ml

With the focus on natural skincare and make-up it is easy to forget that we also use hair products on a daily basis, and just because you rinse them out in the shower doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look to cut the chemicals where possible. That is why we love the new vegan, plant-based hair care range from Swedish brand Maria Nila.  This brand focuses on suitability and efficacy, meaning that this range really does work, including specialised products for coloured hair and a brilliant styling range. We love their fabulous Head and Hair Masque, perfect for stressed out, over proceeded tresses.

Green People

f037_3_1And of course, we don’t just believe in natural skin care for ourselves, we also try to pick natural and organic products for our little people when possible. We love Green People, alongside their full, no-nonsense range that we use, they offer everything you could need for babies and children. We swear by the lavender baby wash for even the most sensitive skin and their fabulous Soothing Baby Oil is perfectly scent free and pure, and is the remedy for dry skin for the whole family.

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