Beauty Highlighters to Beat Winter Skin


Winter skin is one of my worst enemies at this time of year. It’s been too long since I have seen even a hint of real sunshine, and the cold weather leaves me red and sensitive.

I am not a huge fan of foundation or a full-scale cover-up, but in the depth of winter my complexion simply needs a lift.

Enter the highlighter. My make-up bag is simply never without an illuminator of some sort, to give my pale skin a boost.

A quick slick of one of these beauties and I instantly feel more refreshed and radiant. And while these can’t take the place of a winter sun holiday or at least a trip to a spa, they can lift my look and to some extent my mood. Here is my pick of the best highlighters out there.

Mac Strobe Cream £24.50


Mars The Multiple £29


Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow £38.50


Eborian BB Flash £49


Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer £24


Iila Illuminator £30


Bobbi Brown Illuminating Moisture Balm £42.50


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