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How to workout post pregnancy


Nothing changes your body or your perception of it quite like pregnancy and childbirth, and while we believe we should celebrate our post baby shapes, motherhood can be a great catalyst to refocus on exercise and well-being.

There is no need to rush back to working out, but getting back to being active can be a great way to ward off the baby blues and allow you to regain some of your former self. And trust us when we tell you that is important.

No matter what your training schedule looked like before, getting back in to exercise post birth can be challenging, not least because you have a whole new person to consider. So what is the best way to restart your regime and find this vital time for your self.

Workout on demand.

Toting a new-born to your local gym is neither easy nor appealing. Which is why working out in the comfort of your own home is one of the best ways to ease back in to exercise. Finding a trainer who is post partum qualified and will meet where and when suits you is the ideal way to turn a chore into a luxury. Training on demand apps such as Priv and TruBe can have a fitness expert at your door with just a few swipes of your smart phone. Offering everything from Ballet to Kick Boxing, the variety and convenience of working out this way is sure to get you moving again.

Have baby will train.IMG_2101

Nothing teaches you how to multitask like motherhood, and we believe this can apply to how you work out. Finding a safe way to exercise with baby in tow is the perfect solution for mums on the go. Carifit classes allow you to work out while wearing your baby. Designed by post natal specialists, Carifit works core stability and overall fitness levels, while you snuggle and connect with your baby. The classes are available throughout the UK or online, so why not get together with your mummy mates for the perfect alternative to a coffee morning.

Get going virtually.

Turned off by muddy parks or crowded gym classes? Planning to train when the baby is asleep? Then an online fitness programme could be for you. Joining a growing number of women who train remotely with the help of online boot camps and classes will allow you access to work out videos, food plans and even motivational messages. MakingThingsEasy.com offers a range of tailored boot camps, helping you tone your tummy, cut out sugar and get your fitness back on track. Sign up to the programme and the material will drop into your inbox everyday. No excuses there then!!!

Train with mums in the knowpip-and-joan-with-kids-NEW

Who knows more about the challenges your post baby body is facing, if not other mums. With a focus on the wellness and psychological benefits of exercise in mind, Frame have recently launched Mumhood. Offering a range of pre and post natal classes, as well as workshops on how to modify your preferred form of pre pregnancy workout, Mumhood is a fantastic programme to focus you mind on holistic wellbeing as a new mum. You can take your babe along to some of the sessions, but given the impact this level of training will have on your health, it’s worth roping in Daddy or a regular sitter to allow for this vital ‘you time’.

Disguise working out as fun

As a new mum it might seem that all fun, just for the sake of it, is in short supply, so spending those precious moments you have to yourself pounding the pavement or sweating it out on a spin bike might be the last thing you feel like. We understand, we really do. So why not find an exercise that is actually fun to do. You could dance around your living room with your little one, (they love it) plan a buggy hike with your mum mates, or better still find a form of fitness that is so fun you won’t notice the effort. Flip Fit at Flip Out trampoline centres is just that. It is adult soft play, with the added bonus of increasing core stability and burning up to 1000 calories per session. Bouncing around also sounds like a great stress buster to us, but you might want to spare a quick thought for your pelvic floor before you hit the flip.


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