Inspirational Books on our Spring Reading List


Reading is one of our favourite pastimes, whenever we get the chance that is. Nothing beats curling up in bed with a good book, even better if that book is informative and inspirational. With so many new titles launching recently, we thought it was time for a new reading list. This little lot will be on our shopping and book club lists this spring!

Happy – Fearne Cotton

We love her on the radio, we love her on the TV and we love her recipes in our kitchens, so we are sure we are going to love Fearne Cotton’s latest book. Happy is a guide to finding contentment and joy in the simple things. A principle we try to live by, so we can’t wait to hear Fearne’s take on it.



Happy Mum Happy Baby  – Giovanna Fletcher

There are so many mummy books and blogs these days, that sometimes we question how they can possibly be saying anything new. But we have a feeling that Giovanna’s mummy memoirs might be worth a read. A funny take on the little (and big) challenges that all mums can relate to – it’s cheaper than therapy!!!



The Happy Kitchen – Rachel Kelly

You are what you eat, and it turns out that extends to mental wellbeing. This spring we will be cooking ourselves happy with the help of  ‘good mood food’ recipes from Rachel Kelly. It’s not surprising that healthy eating can lead to happiness, but these simple and accessible recipes makes that easier to achieve.


The Course of Love – Alain de Botton

Alain de Botton is one of my favourite modern philosophers, so when I heard he was penning an alternative love story I knew I would enjoy it. An honest look at the twists and turns of romance in the real world. This one is on my holiday reading list.


The Telomere Effect – Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel

The key to eternal youth?!?! Not quite. But The Telomere Effect purports to shed light on why some of us age well, while some of us show our age – is that information any one can afford to ignore? (Adds to basket!!!)


Running The Smoke – Michael McEwan

Every year we watch the London Marathon and resolve to enter the ballot, start a training plan, or at least run a 5k….! While the iconic race is still on our do to list, we will start our training with some research. Running The Smoke is the closest you will get to knowing how it feels to run the marathon, without actually running it!!! Well, it’s a start!


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