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Sexy Rashie $195 aus

We adore time in the sun, but we are positively phobic about burning and the damaging effect too much sun can have on our skin. Before the babies came along we could languish in the shade during the heat of the day, emerging only for a brief dip. But as all mothers know, kids keep you running around the garden, sandcastleing at the beach or splashing in the pool all day long. We are religious with their SPF and protective clothing, but  always found ourselves in unglamorous rash vests or soggy t-shirts.

So imagine our joy at discovering Une Piece, the first ‘sexy rash’ – yup, you guessed it, an attractive one piece that is as protective as it is pretty.

Launch this year by Australian born Carly Brown, Une Piece is inspired by her native Queensland, and summers she spent enjoying the glamour of european beaches.

Made out of 28 separate sections of fabric, the sexy rashie perfectly contours your bod, making you look like a mega surf babe whatever your shape. It comes in 5 classic colours and was on back order before it even launched!

If your summer days are spent playing with your kids in the sun, then this is a stylish must have. Ours are on order and we can’t wait to sport them on holiday this year.

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