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The best ways to meet other mums


Motherhood is one of the best jobs you could dream of, and certainly the most rewarding thing I have ever done, but its also a major change, when your suddenly find yourself with a very different social life.

From the first few weeks with a new-born to the trials of potty training to waving your children off to school for the first time – we all need mum mates to share these experience with, mums that get the situation and most importantly get us!!!!

Making friends as a mum can be a minefield – if you are not lucky enough to time your maternity, not to mention the place you choose to live, with your existing, long-term friends, then you can suddenly find yourself and your social life heading in quite a different direction, and the prospect of solo soft play, or bashing a tambourine in a drafty church hall was never appealing to us.

Thanks to a number of apps, clubs and networks, making connections with other mums has never been easier, and in a way that means you don’t need to lose your cool completely.

From bump and beyond, here is my round-up of the best ways to get out there and meet some like-minded mummies in style!!!!!


Lulu Babyladywithpram

For some the mere thought of standard ante-natal classes conjures up images of dusty church halls and stale biscuits. While we are sure that it’s not the case in all areas, we felt the same, and went in search of an alternative pre-natal class.  I attended Lulu Baby classes before having my little girl and absolutely loved it. These classes are so refreshingly forward thinking and inclusive, backed with all the baby know-how you need before giving birth, in a positive and dare we say it slightly more ‘high-end’ way than we were expecting. The classes are run at venues across south-west London, I attended Wandsworth.  I made some truly lovely friends at Lulu Baby – we saw each other through the early months with the obligatory group chats at midnight, and we still get together now, sometimes we even share a glass of wine without the babies in tow!!!!


Back in the day I was a fully paid up fan of internet dating, I mean I order just about everything else online!!! So when I heard about Mush, a super duper app that allows you to meet other mums in your area, I had one thought – I wish I’d had that idea!!!! Mush was set up by Sarah and Katie, after a chance meeting in a playground with their children. They hit it off and realised an app that would allow them to widen their mum circle in this way was desperately needed. Fast forward 18 months and Mush is going from strength to strength. Mush is brilliantly simple – you complete a quick profile detailing where you live, how many kids you have, as well as your basic interests, and the app finds all the mums in the area who might be your cup of tea!!!! You can also host and post meet ups on the app if you fancy a get together, and their Mush Guides are hilarious and completely accurate!!!! If you have not yet checked out Mush, what are you waiting for?

Maggie and Rose Membership-250x350

This is not one we have tried personally, but we know a fabulous mum (of twins) that is a member here and loves it. These fabulous family members club aim to be a home from home for you and your little one. Think Soho House for babies. They offer a range of classes and activities for your children in an environment you will actually want to hang out in. The clubs can be hired out for private events and their on site cafes serve healthy,  kiddie friendly food alongside a menu that mummy and daddy will enjoy. The clubs are based in Chiswick, Kensington, and Hong Kong, so they are not for everyone – but environments like this, geared to family life are the perfect place for mums to hang out, and the sort of thing we hope to see a lot more of.


Mothers Meeting

Going from working in a super cool agency, with a reason to don my Nikes and leather leggings, to playing in my pajamas hit me pretty hard at first. I adored being at home MM-NOV-48-788x526
with my little girl, but I still so wanted to retain a bit of me and my sense of style, (and I happen to think she is a pretty cool chic too). Reading about Jenny Scot and Mothers Meeting early on in my pregnancy made me realise I am not alone in feeling like this. Jenny, a graphic designer and author spotted that lots of us wanted to get together with other cool mamas, to chat about babies, but also to chat about business, world politics, feminism, and everything else in between. She set up Mothers Meeting as a Facebook group and wow did it take off. MM is now a bi-word for all things cool in motherhood and runs events ranging from ‘netwalking’ in the park through to business clubs in swish London venues. I made a really fab Mum friend through Mothers Meeting, and I really recommend you check them out.

hoop 3
Sometimes you just need a reason to get out the house as a mum.  While it’s a great idea to attend regular classes and have things in the diary (I always tried to plan at least two play dates a week while I was on maternity leave), in reality sometimes you find yourself at a loose end on a Wednesday afternoon! That is when Hoop is a lifesaver. An app that you can download that collates all the baby friendly activities happening in your area right now. You can filter by distance, cost and age of child, and then browse all the fab classes and play options nearby. I love it, and have found some really excellent baby classes through it.

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