Meet The Editors


Morag is a newspaper and magazine journalist and commissioning editor who has written for Rowan_Morag_Final-21publications such as the Daily Mail, Glamour, Grazia, and Red – covering everything from fashion, lifestyle and travel to celebrity interviews, news and current affairs.

After having her three sons Morag pursued her passion for all things décor by studying interior design at the prestigious KLC college in Chelsea. She now enjoys interiors styling whilst writing for magazines such as Ideal Home.

Whether she is hosting a dinner party, buying a gift for a friend or planning outfits for her children, Morag does everything with style in mind.



Rowan is the Head of Innovation for the UK’s largest independent digital marketing agency, advising multinational corporations on their creative marketing and advertising strategies.

Her clients include international fashion and beauty labels as well as brands throughout the luxury lifestyle and travel sector.

Rowan started her career in PR and branding following a number of successful years as a BBC Journalist, giving her a deep understanding of digital publishing.

From entertaining clients, preparing for a pitch or packing for a weekend away with her family, Rowan has perfected the art of style on the go. 

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