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The best faux flowers


Walking around my home you would think that I have a huge weekly delivery from my local florist. I love a splash of greenery and at least one vase of flowers in every room, but constantly replenishing an entire house with fresh flowers can be a costly and time-consuming business. Instead I mix real flowers with gorgeous artificial ones. There was a time when ‘fake’ flowers looked just that – fake. But my, how times have changed. ‘Faux’ flowers, as they have…

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Super charge your breakfast

Ellas bircher

It’s January so it goes without saying that we are trying to practice super clean eating after the excess of the past month. And as we all know, the first meal of the day is the starting point. Skipping breakfast is simply not an option if you want to keep your blood sugar levels in check and not find yourself reaching for the biscuits by 10.30. But we are well aware that making sure you eat healthily at 7am while getting…

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